Deb Edlund

My artwork is very much a personal journey. I am an artist working primarily with furnace blown glass and cast glass. I have recently added more stone carving in my exhibitions. I also have enjoyed working with silver. I am passionate about each of my bespoke sculptures. My endeavours have poignant attachments. The journey I take with my individual works of art is thoughtfully produced with a great deal of research and preparation. It is an effort to express myself by the strength of my designs.

My passion is combining science with my art. Two areas of science that interest me most are Astronomy and Oceanography. I started studying both sciences as a child. In 2007 I began researching extensively focusing on 3D design concepts. This has lead me being able to successfully utilize my designs in glass, stone and silver. I find working with these mediums rewarding and challenging.

My artistry evolves constantly using experimentation with form, colour combinations and mixed media to create unique works of art. I would like to inspire and enthuse the viewer into thoughtful insights into the beauty of our world and our universe.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the website.